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Alexander Peev

The evolution of beauty
By Alexander Peev

In order to make a brief introduction to this sculpture, I would like to point out that my idea originates from two notions. As you can probably guess, they are evolution and beauty. On one hand, we have the completely incidental nature of evolution, which could undoubtedly one day create something similar to the artwork you see in front of you. On the other hand, there is beauty – and I presume everybody is aware of its subjectivity. Since this sculpture has been created, at least one other person will like it and might even consider it beautiful. Then why don’t we accept the idea that everything is beautiful? Similarly to the great thought „cogito, ergo sum“(or „I think, therefore I am“), let’s say „it exists, therefore it is beautiful“. So, I would like to ask you, could you be able to see something attractive, something beautiful in this sculpture?

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keramiek: evolution of beauty
created by nodemand