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Aliosha Kafedjiyski

Born on July 7 1937 in Chirpan.
Studied sculpture under prof. L.Dalchev and took his BSc degree ion sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1964.
Exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad:
Varna, Plovdiv, Lovetch, Rousse, Moscow, Padua.
Participated in the following exhibitions:
Sofia, Varna, Balchik, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Antwerp, Vienna, Dordrecht,Prague, Budapest, Bonn, Turku(Finland) etc.
He won several regional and national awards.
His work is owned by:
National Fine Arts Gallery, Sofia, galleries in Plovdiv and other Bulgarian cities, Pushkin Museum(Moscow), Prague Art Museum and private collections in the USA, France, Bulgaria, The Netherlands etc.

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Vrouwen van Ithaca
created by nodemand
ANGEL,detail Motion 40 x 40cmTransition 60 x 80cmVrouwen van Ithaca 200cm