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Daniel Mullen

"Painting: an inverted Suspended possibility,

Architecture provides space for us to give an order and context to our daily needs within these spaces there is non-functional space.

These are those nook and crannies which exist only as results of building the structure but serve no purpose to the way we use the space. These non de-script spaces are the starting point of my work. A painting can be a non functional representation of an augmented reality where in I invite the viewer to engage. The conflict between the representation and the skin of a painting divulge no secrets it evokes only that which the viewer determines important. Rendering the painting impotent, afflicted by and using that invention, perspective.

These acknowledge boundaries which architectural spaces give, create a building block upon which to destabilise our notions of space and our relationship to them, playing with this non-functional space has the same contradictory notions as the painting itself....."

Daniel Mullen is in 2011 afgestudeerd aan de Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Sindsdien heeft hij op verschillende plekken in Amsterdam deelgenomen aan groepsexposities.

Momenteel is hij een van de tien genomineerden voor De Nieuwe Rembrandt, zie het programma op dinsdagavond.

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