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Stanislav Pamoukchiev

Born: Sofia, May 9, 1953.

Stanislav Pamoukchiev graduated from:
National Academy of Arts - Sofia - mural painting in 1979.
He is a professor at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia - since 1996.

A member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 1981.

One-man shows - 16
in Sofia
1982 - Bucharest
1992 - Leipzig
1992 - Horb, Stuttgart (Germany)
1993 - Vienna
1995 - Budapest
1997 - Hamburg

Group exhibitions:
1984 - Cagnes-sur-mer; Ludwig Collection, Aahen, Vienna, Berlin
1985 - International Competition for Young Painters, Sofia
1987 - Young Artists from Bulgaria, Paris, France
1990 - Contemporary Bulgarian Art Brussels; Artists from Central and Eastern Europe, Vienna
1992 - Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Stuttgart
1993,1994,1995,1997 - Lineart, Gent, Belgium
1933 - An Idea about Bulgarian Painting, Sofia
1994 - Miart, Milan, Italy
1994,1995 - Art Jonction, Cannes; Gallery Akie Ariecci, Paris, France
1997 - Art Fest, Stockholm, Sweden
1996,1998 - "Art Fest", Strasbourg
1996 - International Triennial of Painting, Sofia; Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Hamburg; The Plastic Image of the 1990-ies, Sofia; Portrait of a Generation, National Art Gallery, Sofia; Graphite, Ashes. Rust, ATA Gallery, Sofia
1997 - Art Zurich, Zurich
1999 - KC Gallery, Gotteborg, Sweden; The Black Sea, the North Sea, Bulgarian Art Today, Dordrecht

Competitions and Prizes:
1984 - Ministry of Culture prize, Veliko Tarnovo;
1985 - I prize at the International Competition for Young Painters, Sofia
1988 - Ministry of Culture III prize for painting at the Collective Exhibition - 100 Years since the Chiprovo Region 1988 - Ministry of Culture I prize for painting at the Collective exhibition Pirin, Blagoevgrad
1996 - Grand Prix at the International Triennial of Painting, Sofia

His works have been exhibited in many Bulgarian Galleries, of collection of Peter Ludwig in Aachen, Germany and private collections in more than ten countries.
His works can be found on the National Art Gallery, the Sofia City Gallery, art galleries in Bulgaria, Dr. Peter Ludwig collection, Germany, Art Dialog Collection, France, private collections in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Russia, the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, etc.

Werk op naam

Transition 1

Transition 2

Voice from the light
created by nodemand
Transition 2 180 x 145cmVoice from the light 113 x 133