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Vladimir Hristov

Curriculum Vitae

I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia (1969), in artistic family with in that time "Macedonian celebrity theater actor"father. There I graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts- Skopje (1998) department of Painting and Pedagogy in Fine Arts. After the studies I came to Holland (1998) to attend postgraduate intensive 6 months course of multimedia & 3D Animation at Academy Minerva- Groningen. Since then I am living and working as professional artist in the Netherlands.

2010 June/August group exhibition "Contemporary Collection Superart", at: Gallery What is Happening Here, Rokin 34, Amsterdam.

2010, May, group exhibition at: ArtStone Works Gallery, Almere

2009, November- ScArt- Multimedia art project of "ScART"- ITW, NDSM Werf, Amsterdam. This was an event that I initiated and organized in November 2009. The theme and title of this event was "An Accident". On this occasion I invited and combined into one art installation 18 artists working in different media and with different back grounds. They were all invited to contribute with their visuals, digital images, animations, videos, music & performances, to build up extra layers and artistic meanings to the 12 paintings (2x3m) that I made for this occasion. Artist were invited from Austria, London, and Amsterdam. (see visual documentation, video: ScART- "An Accident".mov)

2009, 5th September- 5th November- Rudolf Gallery- Exhibition at Rudolf Gallery, Amsterdam.

2008, February / September- Marat/Sade I was assigned as a "total designer" for a theater show Marat / Sade at "Macedonian National Theater"-Skopje, Macedonia. That includes: stage design, video art, design for posters, brochures etc...

2007- Present, being involved in different artistic projects with NDSM Werf- Amsterdam, I've being engaged both on organizational level as well as an artist included on various art projects with NDSM-Werf, such as: 2009- Hotdocks, 2008- Hotdocks 2008- UitMarkt, Amsterdam 2007- Back Stage- NDSM Werf

2003, December- exhibition at Rudolf Gallery, Amsterdam

2002, November 2002- group exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York

1999, Post Graduate course of multimedia and interactive design at Minerva Academy, Groningen

1994- 1998, Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje Macedonia.
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