Nikolai Maistorov


Born in Sofia, on 7 August 1943. 1969 - graduated the Academy of Fine Arts "Nikolai Pavlovich" - Sofia. Major: Art of Painting, the class of Prof. Nenko Balkanski 1995 - presented by an individual article in the latest 34-volume of World Encyclopedia for Fine Arts "Macmillan" - London.


1972-1973 - Secondary School of Fine Arts, Sofia, full time lecturer, appointed upon a competition 1973-1976 - Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering- full time lecturer, appointed upon a competition 1976-1990 freelance artist 1990-1993 - invited as a part- time lecturer at the Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering 1993-1997 - The First Private Academy of Fine Arts "Joul Paskin", Sofia, invited to take the position of a Chief Artistic Manager 1997-1998 - Establishment and management of "Studio 19", Sofia 1998-1999 - Slavonic University, Sofia, " The Art of the Book" Department - invited and appointed as a full time associated professor Since 2001 - the University of Veliko Turnovo "Sv.Sv. Kiril & Metodius", Faculty of Fine Arts, Department "Painting" -appointed upon a competition as a full time professor.



1979 - Gallery "G.Rakovski" Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Sofia 1979 - Gallery "G.Rakovski" Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Sofia 1980 - 1979 - Gallery "G.Rakovski" Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Sofia 1982 - Gallery "Ruski"2 Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, graphics, Sofia 1984 - Gallery " Shipka" 6 Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Sofia 1987 - Gallery " Shipka" 6 Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting/ graphics, Sofia 1988 - "Autumn Saloons" Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Plovdiv, The Old Town 1989 - Gallery "Ruski"2 Union of Bulgarian Artists {UBA}, painting, Sofia 1990 - City Gallery of Arts, painting/ drawings, Gabrovo 1990 - City Gallery of Arts "K.Ficheto", painting/ drawings, Drianovo 1991 - Gallery "Vitosha" graphics, Sofia 1992 - City Gallery of Arts, graphics, Rousse 1993 - Gallery "Alexander" graphics, Sofia 1994 - City Gallery of Arts, graphics/ pastels/ drawings, Sofia 1996 - Museum "The Old School" graphics/ drawings, Triavna 1998 - City Gallery of Arts, painting, Sofia 2001 - Gallery "R.Alexiev", competitive exhibition for the title "Professor", painting/ graphics, Sofia 2002 - Gallery "Wazrazhdane", painting/ graphics, Plovdiv, The Old Town


1987 - Gallery "Micro-Oosterhout" Holland 1988 - Gallery "Gemeindegalerie"- Hilvarenbeek, Holland 1988 - Gallery "Merwedeziekenhuis"- Dordrecht, Holland 1988 - Gallery "Pictura" - Dordrecht " Holland 1988 - Gallery "De Hof" - Amersfoort, Holland 1988 - Gallery "Olievaar" - Uithoorn, Holland 1988 - Gallery "Gemeindegalerie" - Rheden, Holland 1992 - The City Theater, graphics - Duseldorf, Germany 1993 - Gallery {to the artists' group}, graphics, Landshut, Germany 1998 - Gallery "Cité des Arts", graphics, Paris, France


A. NATIONAL EXHIBITIONS As a member of the BUA he has taken part in almost every initiative of the Union.


1978, 1981, 1987 - Triennial of the painting - Wrozlav, Poland 1983, 1985, 1987, 1990, 2001 - Biennial of the graphics - Varna, Bulgaria 1984 - Autumn Saloon - Paris, France 1985 - Triennial of graphics - Ljublin, Slovakia 1985,1987 - Biennial of the "Humor and Satire", Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1985, 1988, 1996 - Triennial of the painting - Sofia, Bulgaria 1986 - Biennial of the graphics - Krakow, Poland 1988 - Participation in the First World Cultural Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea 1989 - 2-nd International Festival of Engraving "East Countries" - Menton, France 1990 - graphics , Biela, Italy 1990 - graphics, India 1995 - graphics, Switzerland 2001 - National Library, graphics, Prague, Czechia 2001 - Gallery "Lesedra", Project - Bulgarian-Japanese Graphics, Museum of Forin Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


2005 - National award for painting "Zahari Zograff" 2001 - The award of "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" Fondation- 11-th International Biennial of the graphics, Varna 1998 - Honorary Diploma by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria for contribution to the development and promotion of the Bulgarian culture 1996 - Award for painting - International Triennial of Painting in Sofia 1996 - Grand Prix for the annual exhibition of the UBA 1987 - 2-nd place for graphics - International Biennial of the Humor and Satire,Gabrovo 1986 - Grand Prix for Painting to the name of "Vladimir Dimitrov - The Master", UBA 1984 - 2-nd place (figures) - exhibition of illustrations, UBA 1980 - 2-nd place for drawing, UBA


  1. National Donation Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria" (the Museum in Triavna) 340 graphics and paintings
  2. National Gallery of Arts, Bulgaria
  3. Sofia City Gallery of Arts, Bulgaria
  4. Gallery "Zlatu Bojadzhiev", Plovdiv, The Old Town, Bulgaria
  5. City Gallery of Arts, Varna, Bulgaria
  6. City Gallery of Arts, Dobrich, Bulgaria


National Gallery of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia City Gallery of Arts The Galleries in Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Varna, Dobrich, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Dimitrovgrad, Gabrovo, Triavna, Targovishte, Kardzhali, Veliko Turnovo-, Bulgaria Petere Ludwig's collection of Bulgarian art in Colon, Germany Graphical collection - Duseldorf, Germany Museum of Modern Arts in Berlin, Germany Museum of Modern Arts in Seoul, South Korea The collection of the City Council in Dordreht, Holland

Private collectors in Bulgaria and abroad.